Buzzer BE3916

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Buzzer BE3916

Parts shall be measured under one condition (temperature: 5~35 ℃, humidity: 45% ~ 85% R.H., atmospheric pressure: 860 ~ 1060hPa), unless standard conditions (temperature: 25±3 ℃, humidity: 60±10%R.H. atmospheric pressure: 860 ~ 1060hPa) are adjusted.

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Keywords: buzzer | horn | materialized film

Product Description

Buzzer is an integrated structure of the electronic sounder, using DC voltage power supply, widely used in computers, printers, copiers, alarm , electronic toys, automotive electronic equipment, telephones, timers and other electronic products for sound devices. Buzzer is mainly divided into piezoelectric buzzer and electromagnetic buzzer two types. The buzzer is represented in the circuit by the letter "H" or "HA" (the old standard is "FM", "ZZG", "LB", "JD", etc.).

1. Voltage buzzer Piezoelectric buzzer is mainly composed of multivibrator, piezoelectric buzzer , impedance matching device, resonator box, shell, etc. Some piezoelectric buzzer housing is also equipped with light-emitting diodes.

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