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Parts shall be measured under one condition (temperature: 5~35 ℃, humidity: 45% ~ 85% R.H., atmospheric pressure: 860 ~ 1060hPa), unless standard conditions (temperature: 25±3 ℃, humidity: 60±10%R.H. atmospheric pressure: 860 ~ 1060hPa) are adjusted.

Category: Oxygen sensor

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Product Description

1. Overview of FHD-OS-I B Oxygen Concentration Flow Sensor

1、Key electronic components are imported original
2、Adopting high-precision temperature sensor (accuracy ± 0.1)
3, using the United States TI single chip control technology, simple hardware circuit, high reliability, long service life
Innovative patented design redundant error correction algorithms, even in harsh environments can also ensure the accuracy of the data


2. Applicable field

Home oxygen generator

3. Technical parameter


1 Supply Voltage +5VDC/8mA
2 Operating current 8mA
3 Flow measurement range 0~10.0L/min(Volume flow rate)
4 Flow measurement accuracy ±0.2L/minor reading±10%(take the bigger one)
5 Maximum pressure 150kPa
6 operating temperature 0℃ ~ 50℃/90%RH以下(non-condensing)
7 Storage temperature -20°C ~ 80°C/90%RH or less (non-condensing)
8 Oxygen concentration measurement range 20.5% ~ 99% 
9 Oxygen concentration detection accuracy ±1.8%FS
10 communication interface UART connector (P1)
11 response time 0.5s
12 weights 20g


4. Installation size (unit: mm)


5. Serial Communication (UART)



6. Communication Interface

Terminal Specification Serial Number Number Function Description PH2.0_1*4 Post PIN-1 GND Ground PIN-2 TX UART Transmit PIN-3 RX UART Receive PIN-4 VCC 5V Power Supply

Terminal Specifications serial number grade Functional Description
PH2.0_1*4 sticker PIN-1 GND earth (electric connection)
PIN-2 TX UART sending
PIN-3 RX UART reception
PIN-4 VCC 5V power supply


7. Communication format

format requirements level: TTL

Formatting requirements
Level : TTL
Baud rate: 9600bps
Data bits: 8
Stop Bit: 1
Parity: None


8. communication content description

1. the sensor has two communication modes: query mode and automatic mode

query mode: within 3 seconds after the sensor is powered on, if the query request is received from the control board, then the sensor enters the query response mode, and the control board sends a query request each time, the sensor responds data once, and the sensor does not actively send data.
2. Automatic mode: If the sensor does not receive a query request from the control panel within 3 seconds after power on, the sensor will automatically send data at a fixed period of 500ms. In this mode, if you receive a query request from the dashboard, you automatically switch to query mode.

query request command: control board sends data packet to sensor

0x 11 0x 01 0x 01 0xed

sensor response: the sensor sends data packet

Format Byte Number (byte) Instruction content Instruction Description note
0 0x16   fixed value
1 0x09   fixed value
2 0x01   fixed value
3 0x00 High-concentration bytes Signed (-32768,32767)
4 0x00 Concentration low bytes
5 0x00 Flow high bytes Signed (-32768,32767)
6 0x00 Flow high bytes
7 0x00 Temperature high bytes Signed (-32768,32767)
8 0x00 Temperature Low Bytes
9 0x00   standby
10 0x00   standby
11 0x00 calibration Unsigned (0,255)

check: 0x 00 minus the sum of byte 0 to byte 10.

Byte11 = 0x 00-(byte0 + byte1 + byte2 + ...... + byte10).

example: a certain measurement data is oxygen concentration (94.5) = 0x03b1, flow rate (4.0L/min)= 0x 0028, temperature (25.0 ℃) = 0x00fa, sensor transmission data is 0x 16,0x 09,0x 01,0x 03,0xb1,0x 00,0x 28,0x 00,0xfa,0x 00,0x 00,0x 00,0x0a


uchar I = 0; //Define loop variable

uchar sendData[12]; //Define send array
unsigned int sum = 0; //Define sum variable
sendData[0] = 0x 16;
sendData[1] = 0x 09;
sendData[2] = 0x 01;
sendData[3] = 0x 03;
sendData[4] = 0xb1;
sendData[5] = 0x 00;
sendData[6] = 0x 28;
sendData[7] = 0x 00;
sendData[8] = 0xfa;
sendData[9] = 0x 00;
sendData[10]= 0x 00;
for (I = 0; I <11; I ++)
sum = sum + sendData [I] //accumulate byte 0 to byte 10 data
sendData[11] = 0x00-sum; //calculate check byte

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