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health table buzzer manufacturers promotion, full range, buzzer is an integrated structure of electronic buzzer, using DC voltage power supply, widely used in computers, printers, copiers, alarms, electronic toys, automotive electronic equipment, telephones, timers and other electronic products for sound device.

(1) Buzzer with Electromagnet M: Wrap 100 turns of wire on an iron bolt about 6cm long, leaving 5cm at the wire end as the lead wire, stick the coil with transparent adhesive tape to prevent the coil from loosening, and then stick it on a box with adhesive tape, and the electromagnet is ready.

(2) Preparation of shrapnel P: Cut a long iron sheet with a width of about 2cm from the iron can, bend it at a right angle, connect one lead of the electromagnet to the shrapnel, and then stick the shrapnel to the board with adhesive tape.

(3) Use a paper clip as the contact Q, use a book to raise the paper clip, stick it firmly with adhesive tape, and lead out a wire, as shown in the figure to connect the circuit.

(4) Adjust the distance between M and P (by moving the box) so that the electromagnet can attract the shrapnel, adjust the distance between the contact and the shrapnel so that they can just touch, and you can hear the buzzer after power on.

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