patch buzzer describes passive buzzer in the use of the process of sound class fault problem?


Passive buzzer In the process of using, there is a sound type of fault do you know how that's going on? The following follow patch buzzer Xiaobian together to briefly understand it!
1. If the passive buzzer does not sound before installation, this is definitely a quality problem of the buzzer itself, just contact the manufacturer directly.
2. When the passive buzzer does not sound after the development of welding technology, the possible reason for this problem is mainly because the power of the electric soldering iron that can be used in our welding process is too large or the welding time is too long, which causes the internal temperature of the buzzer to be heated, thus increasing the welding point between the pin of the buzzer and the coil to be melted by high temperature, thus easily causing virtual welding. It is recommended to use the welding buzzer, the welding completion time of each solder joint is not more than 3 seconds.
3. After welding, the buzzer will have a relatively small sound or hoarse sound, which may be caused by the current flowing through the buzzer in the circuit being too small or too large.
4. After using for a period of time, there is no sound or the sound has changed. This problem may generally be caused by the buzzer beeping for too long, causing damage to the buzzer. In general, we suggest that the time of contact and voice should not exceed 8 to 10 hours. Of course, it may also be affected by the surrounding environment.
5. The passive buzzer sounds after welding the wrong place, but the buzzer on the DC power supply is canceled for testing and normal, in this case the buzzer is usually interfered by other signals, simply find the source of interference on the line shielding. The above
is the introduction of the patch buzzer to the sound class failure during its use after work. I hope it can help you.

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