What should be paid attention to when welding active buzzer?


active buzzer?


buzzer is divided into active and passive two, the working principle is different. Here we take a closer look:

1. active buzzer, also known as piezoelectric buzzer, by the multi-vibrator, piezoelectric buzzer, impedance matching device, resonator box and shell composition. The most important of these is its piezoelectric buzzer, which is a piezoelectric ceramic that can stop the conversion of electrical and mechanical energy.

The sounding process is as follows: a constant DC voltage is provided externally to provide energy to the multivibrator, the multivibrator vibrates, and the piezoelectric ceramic is provided with variable voltage and frequency. Piezoelectric ceramics convert electrical energy into mechanical energy to produce sound.

2. Passive buzzer, also known as electromagnetic buzzer, is mainly composed of permanent magnet, coil and oscillating plate.

So how to extend the service life of the active buzzer?

In order to extend the service life of the active buzzer, the following aspects should be paid attention to during installation and welding.

1. The internal parts of the piezoelectric buzzer are not sealed and cannot be cleaned.

2. Please do not cover the hole with tape or other obstacles, which will cause irregular vibration.

3. There shall be no obstacles within 15mm above the component, otherwise it will cause irregular vibration.

The components inside the electromagnetic buzzer cannot be cleaned, and the active buzzer is usually waterproof.

Although its structure is slightly more messy than the piezoelectric buzzer, it is the same as the piezoelectric buzzer.

In order to extend the service life of the active buzzer, pay attention when using the active buzzer. If the applied mechanical stress exceeds the requirements of the technical standard, the component may be damaged. If you have this requirement, you need to consult a professional buzzer manufacturer. In addition, it is not allowed to connect a resistor in series to the power supply, which will only cause irregular oscillations. If it is necessary to use a resistor to control the volume, connect the capacitor and the buzzer in parallel. If there are other special requirements, remember to consult professional manufacturers.

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