What is the characteristic of active buzzer


active buzzer is an electronic buzzer with an integral structure, which is powered by DC voltage. It is widely used in computers, printers, copiers, alarms, electronic toys, automotive electronic equipment, telephones, timers and other electronic products. Used as a pronunciation device, then, let's learn about the characteristics of the active buzzer together!


active buzzer features:

internal oscillation, drive circuit. It will ring when the power is turned on. I think that's what you're saying. The advantage is that it saves the trouble of using it, but the disadvantage is that it becomes a single tone after the frequency is fixed.

The difference between active buzzer and passive buzzer

The fundamental difference between active buzzer and passive buzzer is that the product has different requirements for input signals. The ideal signal for the buzzer to work is direct current, usually the standard signal

is expressed as VDC, VDD, etc. Because the buzzer has a simple oscillation circuit inside, it can convert a certain direct current into a pulse signal of a certain frequency, and send a magnetic field from the surface to make it alternate, so that the molybdenum sheet vibrates and pronounces. However, there are also active buzzers that work in specific AC signals, which only require high voltage and frequency of AC signals, and generally do not use this mode of operation.

The passive buzzer does not have an internal drive circuit. Some companies and factories call it a buzzer, and it is called a speaker in the national standard. Passive buzzer work with ideal signal square wave. If the DC signal is given the buzzer does not respond. Due to the constant magnetic circuit, the molybdenum sheet vibrates and cannot be pronounced. A simple way to distinguish between active and passive electromagnetic buzzers.

1. visual observation:

is KS-12C01YE and KS-12D05YA, "c" means passive and "d" means active;

The former has a shape of 12*8.5 and the latter 12*9.5, which are very similar. For example, if the bolt county of the two buzzers is placed upward, it can be seen that the side with the green circuit board is a passive buzzer, and the side without the circuit board closed by black rubber is an active buzzer.

However, this is a preliminary standard for judgment, not a standard for to fix . With KS-1240T2PA, identification is more complicated. The overall size is 12.5*6, which is currently the smallest piezoelectric passive buzzer on the market.

With the needs of market development, the quality requirements are getting higher and higher. At present, many manufacturers need to seal the bottom of the 12MM buzzer, and their performance is stable and prevents the core from falling off. Therefore, visual inspection is only a preliminary identification method.

introduces another method-

2. multimeter test:

connect the multimeter "" terminal with a black stylus, the red stylus contacts the other terminal, making a click sound, and when the resistance is only 8 (or 16), it is a passive buzzer; It will make a continuous sound, and the active buzzer will have a resistance of more than several hundred euros.

3. DC voltage test;

generally 12MM passive general voltage is 1.5V, active electromagnetic buzzer general voltage is 1.5, 3.0, 5.0, 9.0, 12v, DC voltage input corresponding voltage, frequency is about 2.7KHZ, can directly sound is active electromagnetic buzzer, does not directly sound is square.

The above introduction is what is the feature of the active buzzer. If you need to know more, please feel free to contact us!

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