The pin buzzer describes the inspection steps for the radar not to sound during reversing?


installed a reversing radar, one day only to find that it does not ring, or ring for a while not ring, this time what to do? This is a problem that plagues many car owners, the following follow the pin buzzer Xiaobian to see the reasons for the reversing radar does not ring what!
If the reversing radar does not make a noise, please check whether the power cord of the host is connected and whether there is current. Then see if the main line of the radar is loose. If there is no problem with both, the problem may be on the radar itself.
If it is determined that the problem is the reversing radar, the possibility that should be considered is that the buzzer is damaged. At this point, you need to buy a buzzer and install it. Also, remember if your car has been modified recently. If you do this, the line of the reversing radar may be damaged during the modification process, so you need to drive the car to the original construction workshop or 4S workshop for inspection.
Some netizens provide suggestions. When it is found that the reversing radar does not sound, you can check whether the line connection at the bumper is intact, and then check whether the reversing light is on when the reverse gear is engaged. If it is not on, check the connection switch of the reversing light. No. Then you can see whether the computer displays the fault code, there is no problem with these items, and then check whether there is a problem with the reversing radar itself.
To sum up, this pin buzzer editor tells about the reason analysis and inspection steps if you find that the radar does not make a sound during the reversing process. I hope that the introduction of the above editor can Help you.

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