Pin buzzer buzzer introduction matters needing attention in the process of using?


buzzer is with us every day, you may not have noticed. What electrical appliances use buzzer in our daily life? Pin buzzer Xiaobian to introduce: such as our usual use of rice cookers, washing machines, electric juicers, air conditioners, etc. are used to buzzer as a prompt or alarm issued by the sound. Now is the high intelligent household appliances, is an indispensable important component. To make the buzzer last longer, pay attention to the following points during use:
1. Too high welding temperature will easily cause deformation of the shell, loose pins, no sound or low sound.
2. If the starting voltage is too low or too large, it is easy to be quiet or rusty during use.
3. After storing for a period of time, the sound is very low, and the sound returns to normal after a period of use. In this case, the buzzer may be affected by the humid environment, so you need to pay attention to moisture protection.
4. Buzzer effect: When some dielectrics deform in a specific direction under the action of external force, they will be polarized inside, and at the same time, positive and negative charges will appear on their two opposite surfaces. After removing the external force, it will return to the uncharged state. This phenomenon is called the positive piezoelectric effect. When the direction of the force changes, the polarity of the charge also changes. On the contrary, when an electric field is applied to the polarization direction of the dielectric, these dielectrics will also be deformed. After the electric field is removed, the deformation of the dielectric will disappear. This phenomenon is called inverse piezoelectric effect, or electrostriction. A kind of sensor developed on the basis of dielectric piezoelectric effect is called piezoelectric sensor. The above
is the pin buzzer editor introduces the attention during use, hoping to help you.

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