SMD buzzer describes several common fault causes of instrument types?


The instrument buzzer must have been seen by all of us in the car, and the place where the car is used is different, the size and the size are different, the prompt sound and the reversing buzzer are very different. In fact, after they have been used for a period of time, there will be faults that can be large and small. At this time, we need to analyze their data and effectively solve the management according to different faults. Let's follow the small series of SMD buzzer to briefly understand and look at several common failure causes of instrument types!
When there is no sound or no sound after 1. welding.
This may be due to the excessive power of the soldering iron used during the soldering process (20 to 30w soldering iron is recommended) or the time is too long (it is recommended to use a soldering point within 3 seconds), causing the buzzer pin and coil The solder joints are melted by heat.
The 2. buzzer has changed or no sound after being used for a period of time.
This development may be the buzzer's continuous beeping time is too long, or it may be affected by environmental factors and become our social situation.
After the 3. is welded, the buzzer will make a low sound, no sound or sand tone change during the buzzer sound.
The reason for this situation may be that the current that starts the buzzer is too small or too large, which causes the buzzer to not sound normally. To sum up,
is the small series of SMD buzzer : About the analysis of several common failure causes of instrument types, I hope you can learn more through the introduction of the above editor. If you want to know more relevant knowledge, it is suggested that you can pay attention to this website, and there will be relevant articles to update in the future.

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