SMD buzzer foot position function distinction knowledge introduction?


SMD Buzzer is a chip buzzer developed using the rich resources of audio and mechanical system design information technology development and a high-performance ceramic composite material. It is suitable for electronic control equipment thin and high-density design enterprise products. Its advantages are high sound pressure level, clear sound and reflow soldering. The sound pressure level is 75dB, the working voltage range is 25V, the working environment temperature range is -20 ℃ to 70 ℃, and the storage temperature range is -30 ℃ to 80 ℃. Following the small series to see its foot position function distinction.
SMD Buzzer is usually 3-4 square solder feet, and rounded corners but only two internal coils are connected to the remaining two solder feet for product and safety design welding flat. For 2 feet on the opposite side of the pronunciation hole is usually positive and negative. However, since the purpose of individual customers is not to predict the line, we have to change our products according to the pin polarity line of the customer. Therefore, in many cases, the polarity occurs in different positions of the same product, so we do not recommend judging the positive and negative poles of the product by appearance.
When customers design or need us to use the SMD buzzer of the enterprise, they predict before designing. A sample received for analysis can be distinguished by the positive and negative poles identified according to the specification. You can also use a multimeter to adjust one end of the resistance file or logo. This end is the positive pole of the product. The other measuring pen is connected to another welding pin in turn. Any pin connected to it has a resistance display, and this end can be determined to be the negative pole of the product.
To sum up, this editor is about the knowledge of its foot position and function. I hope you can learn more about it through the introduction of the above editor.

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