SMD buzzer tells the production process of electromagnetic buzzer?


buzzer are electromagnetic buzzer and piezoelectric buzzer. Today, we mainly discuss the manufacturing process of the electromagnetic buzzer. Let's follow the SMD buzzer editor to have a simple look!
The electromagnetic buzzer is composed of an oscillator, an electromagnetic sensor coil, a magnet, a diaphragm that affects vibration and a housing part. When energized, the audio signal generated by the oscillating current flowing through the electromagnetic coil generates a magnetic field. The diaphragm periodically vibrates when interacting with the electromagnetic coil of the magnet.
Manufacturing process of electromagnetic buzzer :
1. Prepare electromagnet M: wind the iron wire 100 times, wind the 6cm long iron bolt, and leave 5cm at the end of the iron wire as the lead wire. Stick the coil with transparent tape to avoid loosening the coil. Paste it into the box and prepare the electromagnet.
2. Preparation of shrapnel P: Bend the iron sheet and the iron frame at right angles, connect the iron sheet to the electromagnetic spring sheet, and then stick the shrapnel and the blanket on the board.
3. Connect with clip Q, and then connect the circuit with needle felt, carpet glue and lead wires.
4. Adjust the distance between m and p (move the box) so that the electromagnet can absorb the shrapnel, adjust the distance between the contact and the shrapnel so that the contact can be touched, and the buzzer will be heard when the power is turned on.
5. Fix the buzzer with glue.
6. If the tester tests the curve of the buzzer, the curve can pass.
7. Choose different packaging forms according to customer needs.
To sum up, this SMD buzzer editor describes the relevant knowledge about the manufacturing process of electromagnetic buzzer . I hope you can learn more about it through the introduction of the above editor.

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