SMD buzzer introduces the correct use of electromagnetic buzzer method?


There are many types of buzzers on the market, but different types of buzzers have different prices and quality. If you want to buy a high-qualityelectromagnetic buzzer , you need to choose a suitable buzzer, which is the problem of use. If it is used improperly, it is also easily damaged, so let's follow the SMD buzzer editor to briefly understand and see what is the correct way to use it!
1. When you use the buzzer, you must know that you cannot touch the components with your hands to avoid electrode corrosion.
2. Pay attention to high surge voltages caused by stress, voltage drop, shock protection circuits and temperature changes.
3. If a DC voltage is applied to the component. may cause charge migration. Due to long-term development under DC voltage, please be careful not to use electronic components.
4. The piezoelectric driving frequency of the acoustic input signal of specific frequency characteristics obtained by using sine wave and two transmission waves. Using different drive signal waves, the frequency characteristics of the piezoelectric sounder will change or lower the sound. For example, it and other positive square wave waveforms. If there is only a positive square wave, and can be a resistive or inductive load connected in the piezoelectric sounder.
To sum up, this SMD buzzer editor is about: Regarding the correct use ofelectromagnetic buzzer , I hope you can learn more about it through the introduction of the above editor. If you want to know more relevant knowledge, it is suggested that you can pay attention to this website, and there will be relevant articles to update in the future.

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