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Patch Buzzer Buzzer is a kind of electronic device buzzer with structure, which generally radiates the alarm sound of "beep, beep, beep". It is widely used in cars, communications, white electricity, diagnosis and treatment, Intelligent security, intelligent and other electronic equipment for pronunciation devices. As a special optocoupler circuit of piezoelectric buzzer with excellent performance and BTL output, the patch buzzer has accepted the newly upgraded core concept of the scheme and professional skills of processing technology.


active buzzer makes the same substance and various professional skill index values have a good support; The IC has active frequency tracking and temperature compensation functions, making it difficult for the buzzer to cause frequency drift due to the transformation of working voltage and condition temperature. Accepting SOP-8 package, it can completely accept SMD components and SMT processing technology, and replace most inductor transformer drivers, greatly developed the high efficiency of manufacturing, depressed the cost of products.


What are the common problems of buzzer application recommended by Fuhongda?

Classification and processing technology of 1. patch buzzer

1. There are two kinds of patch buzzer and needle buzzer. Automobile buzzer

2. The patch buzzer is used for surface patch. According to the requirements of SMT patch and reflow oven to complete electric welding, the welding method is simple.


3. The pin buzzer completes the welding requirements of the wave soldering machine according to the welding hole of PCBA, and the processing technology is perfect.

4. Today's processing technology also has two installation processing technologies, which are called welding buzzers without electric welding. If some buzzers with large volume are welded according to SMT electric welding, the welding credibility cannot meet the requirements of automobile grade, thus resulting in welding buzzers without electric welding, which are buckled on PCBA according to the locking method. This kind of structure can meet the requirements of welding without electric welding and stability.

5. The post film is very small and thin, and the appearance is square. Piezo buzzer and magnetic induction buzzer can be subdivided into patch buzzer, so its main purpose is the same as piezoelectric and magnetic induction. The key effect is pronunciation, and it is generally used in commodities with limited appearance design and structure.

2. patch buzzer pin efficacy identification

1. Inductive patch buzzer square generally has 3~4 welding holes, but only 2 welding holes are connected with the electromagnetic coil inside, and the other 2 welding feet are designed for better commercial electric welding and welding flat and firm.

2. For patch buzzers with lateral phonetic pronunciation, the two feet directly opposite the phonetic pronunciation hole are generally positive and negative.

3. However, because some customers did not expect to design a good route first, everyone also changed the optical rotation of our product pins according to the customer's route.

4. Therefore, the same product has various optical activities in different parts, so we do not strongly recommend checking the positive and negative of the product according to its appearance.

5. Customers anticipate and then design plans when designing plans or when such buzzers must be used.

6. Received test products can be identified according to the positive and negative signs in the instructions. You can also use a digital multimeter to adjust the resistor file, connect one end of the commodity appearance or sign, which is the positive grade of the commodity, and another measuring pen is connected to other welding holes successively, and all feet have resistor display information, which can make it clear that this end is the negative grade of the commodity.

Main Uses of 3. Patch Buzzer

1. Main Uses of Patch Buzzer (Other Excited Self-Oscillating Sounder): All kinds of telephones, digital clocks, medical equipment, electronic products, small toys, enterprise office weapons and equipment, notebook computers, microwave oven heating, central air conditioning, household appliances, weapons and equipment controllers.

2. Piezo buzzer is mainly used for: mobile phone, hand-held music playing software, electronic dictionary, digital recorder, digital camera, e-book/various hand-held weapons and equipment.

3. main uses of piezoelectric alarm system: all kinds of alarm equipment, motorcycles, cars, information security, warehouses, buildings, weapons and equipment.

4. Inductive buzzer Main uses: various telephones, digital clocks, medical equipment, electronic products, small toys, enterprise office weapons and equipment, notebook computers, microwave heating, central air conditioning, household appliances, weapons and equipment controller.

5. Foot buzzer Main uses: medical equipment, enterprise office weapons and equipment, household appliances, weapons and equipment controller.

Common Problems in Practical Operation of 4. Patch Buzzer

. Too high welding temperature is very easy to cause deformation of the buzzer's casing, loosening of the needle angle, causing no sound or small sound;

2. The starting working voltage of the buzzer is slightly lower or slightly larger, in the whole process of application, it is very easy to have thin sound or sand sound.

3. After the buzzer is stored for a period of time, the sound is small, and after a period of application, everything becomes normal. This kind of situation may be the harm of the buzzer due to wet and cold natural environment, and waterproof must be paid attention.

4. When the buzzer is working on the pcb board, there will be tone change or no sound. It is no problem to remove it for single detection. This kind of situation may be caused by the influence of electromagnetic field on the buzzer.

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