patch buzzer: buzzer what are the differences?


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fuhongda recommend buzzer what are the differences?

, buzzer can be divided into inductive buzzer and piezoresistive buzzer; patch buzzer


2, magnetic induction buzzer and piezoelectric buzzer are also subdivided into: digital power amplifier and passive buzzer; Horn manufacturer

3, difference between digital power amplifier and passive buzzer: detection of electricity is not the same (digital power amplifier AC, microwave sensor communication) 'with driver route; Buzzer manufacturer

4, passive buzzer classification: needle insertion, wire, patch three, active buzzer classification: needle insertion, wire two, digital power amplifier, passive buzzer no matter which classification, are piezoelectric type, magnetic induction two (except digital power amplifier patch buzzer only magnetic induction);


5. There are three methods for buzzer wires, including PCB pins and PCB solder wires, and one is to solder wires immediately on PCB.

6. There are two methods for buzzer pin insertion, one is PCB board and the other is yellow needle.

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