electromagnetic buzzer: electromagnetic buzzer is what?


Electromagnetic buzzer Magnetic buzzer is similar to a piezoelectric buzzer because it is used to generate sound. But the core function of magnetic buzzer and piezoelectric buzzer is different.


Speaker electromagnetic buzzers, also called electromechanical buzzers, are more traditional than piezoelectric buzzers because they work with magnetic fields. Magnetic buzzers use electric charge to generate a magnetic field, rather than relying on piezoelectric materials, to make another part of the buzzer vibrate and produce sound.


What is Fuhongda's recommended electromagnetic buzzer?

There are two types of buzzers: piezoelectric buzzers and electromagnetic buzzers, because they are more common than other buzzers.


There are two main types of buzzers-piezoelectric buzzers and electromagnetic buzzers. If you want to create a circuit with a buzzer, you need to know the difference between these two configurations. You should know how each buzzer works and how to determine the right buzzer for your application.

Piezoelectric buzzer is an electronic device that produces tones. These buzzers are light in weight, simple in structure, cheap but reliable, and have a variety of sizes and frequencies to meet the needs of almost all applications.

The core feature of this buzzer is its piezoelectric element. Piezoelectric elements are made of special materials that have a piezoelectric effect (where the material can convert some of the energy in the applied mechanical strain into an electrical charge). These materials also exhibit the inverse piezoelectric effect, I .e. the material deforms when an electric charge is applied.

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