Electromagnetic buzzer: a brief description of the composition of electromagnetic buzzer


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Fuhongda recommends a brief description of the composition of the electromagnetic buzzer:

The structure of the electromagnetic buzzer is similar to a moving coil speaker, and the inside is composed of a magnet, a coil and a diaphragm. The DC resistance of this buzzer is small.


Speaker electromagnetic buzzer is a commonly used electroacoustic component and one of the common varieties of buzzers.


Buzzer The electromagnetic buzzer is composed of an oscillator, an electromagnetic coil, a magnetic ring, a diaphragm and a housing (which can be divided into high temperature resistance and ordinary). When the power is turned on, the audio signal current generated by the oscillator passes through the electromagnetic coil, causing the electromagnetic coil to generate a magnetic field. The diaphragm periodically vibrates under the interaction of the electromagnetic coil and the magnet. The frequency of the electromagnetic buzzer is generally 2-4KHZ.

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