Active buzzer: Active buzzer causes of noise


Active Buzzer A customer asked us how to deal with a little noise with an active buzzer. Don't worry, our Lord needs to find the source of the problem and prescribe the right remedy so that the problem can be solved quickly.


Fuhongda recommends the reasons for the noise generated by the active buzzer:

, the quality of the active buzzer itself is not good


SMD buzzer is mainly due to various situations in the past, one is that the buzzer has foreign matter or the diaphragm is ectopic. The foreign body is mainly when the buzzer is assembled or processed in the production line, there are iron powder and iron filings in the buzzer, which produces noise. Diaphragm ectopic refers to the diaphragm of the buzzer is put into rather than stuck on the bracket, so the diaphragm may run out of the point due to excessive external force, causing noise.


2. Wrong application method

In the application of the speaker, if the application frequency is wrong and the frequency is not set at the rated frequency, noise will be generated, or the buzzer voltage is too high, causing the diaphragm to hit other components and produce component impact sound.

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