active buzzer we should pay attention to what the problem?


For the active buzzer, in the past, many designers only considered the buzzer type, working voltage, main frequency, and overall size of these main parameters, but ignored the sound pressure, current, use temperature, pressure-flow curve, The supplier's experimental data and other important content, resulting in unstable sound after use.

In circuit design, a current limiting resistor is usually connected in series at the power supply end, and sometimes the parameters marked in the specification are ignored. The series resistance value is random, so that the active buzzer works in the critical voltage or current state, it is difficult to start the vibration, the working state of the active buzzer is easily disturbed, and the sound vibration is unstable.

Some designers reduce the sound pressure by increasing the resistance of the series resistor and reducing the operating voltage. According to the rated operating voltage range and current range provided in the manual, determine whether the series resistance. If series resistors are required, calculate them so that the operating voltage and current fall exactly within the range required by the specification, but it is best to rely on the upper limit.

When some customers require a large sound, they should check the sound pressure value in the selected active buzzer specification. When the sound pressure value under the rated working voltage does not meet the design requirements, it is impossible to increase or decrease the sound pressure simply by increasing its voltage value, so it should be re-selected. If a small range of adjustment is required, it is necessary to refer to its voltage-sound pressure curve to ensure that the slope is better.

One thing that must be considered when choosing is its temperature resistance. If the buzzer with the same price or with little price increase is preferred to be resistant to high temperature, whether it can pass through the tin furnace is explained in the manual. If there is no explanation, the supplier shall write it in the manual. For example, a buzzer with a working temperature of -10-85 cannot pass through the tin furnace. Verify whether the actual current value meets the specification requirements by actual measurement.

So how to buy a high-quality active buzzer?

No one wants to buy a low-quality product, of course when buying an active buzzer, but if you want to buy a high-quality active buzzer, You must have a certain understanding of active buzzers. Today, I teach you how to distinguish the quality of an active buzzer.

First, check the outer packaging picture of the active buzzer

From the outer packaging product used by the active buzzer product, it can be seen whether it is fake. Whether the machine is clean and tidy can be judged by whether the manufacturer's logo on the buzzer is clear and complete.

Secondly, check the size of the active buzzer

The judgment standard is based on customer requirements (specifications), mainly testing the diameter, height, and needle pitch of the product.

Third, check the appearance of the active buzzer

When checking the appearance of the buzzer, we need to refer to the sample. The judgment criteria are as follows: no mixing, no damage, no pollution, no falling off, poor polarity, etc.

Fourth, test the electrical performance of the active buzzer

When testing the electrical performance of the buzzer, you need to refer to the model. The judgment criteria are as follows: product sound pressure value, capacity value, frequency and other performance.

Fifth, the buzzer technology should be mature

At the same time, we should also pay attention to observe whether the buzzer technology of the manufacturer is mature. If the technology is not mature, the material requirements for the buzzer will definitely not meet the standards.

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