SMD buzzer manufacturers to introduce you to what is a patch buzzer


Changzhou fuhongda electronic SMD buzzer manufacturer will introduce you to what is a patch buzzer

patch buzzer is an audio signal device, which is divided into various types such as mechanical, electrical mechanical, magnetic, electromagnetic, piezoelectric equipment, etc. These devices are used for alarm clocks, timers and household appliances. Among these types of buzzers are electromagnetic buzzers called plug buzzers, which are small in size and light in weight. The patch buzzer operates in a voltage range of 2.5V to 4.5V, and the maximum rated current is up to 90mA. In addition, the maximum operating frequency of the plug buzzer is up to 4000Hz, and the operating temperature range is (-20~60) degrees. The patch buzzer is used in medical equipment, artificial intelligence equipment, wearable smart equipment, Bluetooth system equipment, smart headsets and other small electronic equipment.

Piezo SMD Passive Buzzer. Small size; good sound quality; low current consumption; high temperature resistance. Application range: communication, home appliances, automobiles, electric bicycles, UPS power supply, alarm musical instruments, electronic pronunciation toys, electronic watches.

One of the main driving factors for the growth of the patch buzzer market is the use of patch buzzers in various automotive applications. As the world moves towards the fourth industrial revolution, all industries are looking forward to adopting AI and IoT technologies to bring convenience to humanity. Therefore, many cars are equipped with devices that are compatible with IoT technologies such as Bluetooth system devices. In addition, among the electronic devices, smart electronic devices such as smart phones and smart wearable devices are attracting attention.

The presence of the patch buzzer helps to confirm the user's input, or to make a notification sound when the charger, mouse, or printer is connected to the computer. In addition, the plug-in buzzer is suitable for calling the sound of the mobile phone and plays a role in reducing the volume of the buzzer. The requirement of low power consumption helps the device to work for a long time. In addition, medical devices, such as medical monitoring devices, are equipped with a buzzer, which helps to recognize instructions. Accordingly, as the use of technical medical devices in various medical applications increases, manufacturers of patch buzzers are focusing on increasing production of patch buzzer devices.

Changzhou fuhongda electronic SMD buzzer manufacturer reminds that when choosing a buzzer, you must choose a regular manufacturer. don't be greedy for petty gain. when the time comes, the losses will be your own. well, I wish everyone all the best!

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