Let's talk about several common fault analysis of electromagnetic buzzer


Let's talk about several common fault analysis of electromagnetic buzzer

Electromagnetic buzzer is a kind of buzzer, which is different from piezoelectric buzzer. Electromagnetic buzzer is an electronic buzzer that uses the advantages of electromagnetic coil to buzzer and is used as a sound device for electronic products. Electromagnetic buzzer is widely used as a sound device in electronic products, such as computers, printers, copiers, alarms, electronic toys, automotive electronic equipment, telephones, timers, etc.


electromagnetic buzzer itself has product quality problems, so when screening its brand, you must choose a good brand in the industry, and this link is that the quality of the product itself must be reliable. Secondly, the electromagnetic buzzer does not sound. The reason for this situation may be that the soldering iron used in the welding process is too powerful or too long. It is recommended to control the time and power when welding.

Then, after welding, the buzzer may buzz, there is no sound, or change the tone when chirping. This situation may be caused by the current being too small or too large when the buzzer is started. Good current and voltage.

Then after the buzzer is used for a period of time, there is a sound change or even no sound. In fact, there are many reasons for this situation. For human reasons, the buzzer continuously sounds for too long or the buzzer is affected by the situation.

After welding, the electromagnetic buzzer will have tone modulation or no sound when working on the circuit board, but there is no problem in disassembling and testing with a DC regulated power supply. This situation may be caused by the interference of the buzzer or the surrounding magnetic field.

How to correctly choose the electromagnetic buzzer

1. Choose the buzzer

with high cost performance as a household name. The cost of the same product is lower than before. In the eyes of consumers, this undoubtedly represents high cost performance. It can be seen that cost performance is the tension mark in consumers' minds to measure whether a product should be bought or not. Therefore, the buzzer not only pays attention to quality, but also pays attention to cost, give consumers a more cost-effective buzzer.


selected by the manufacturer. In the process of screening the electromagnetic buzzer, you must choose a good manufacturer, so that the overall advantage of the product will be very large. In addition, you must understand the production technology, service, and cost. Only when these aspects are done well and achieve very large advantages can you see more sponsorship, so by the manufacturer to choose the right buzzer is a better way.

3, select

according to quality When selecting groups, quality is undoubtedly very important. It not only affects the application effect of the product, but also determines its application life. Therefore, as far as consumers are concerned, they still have to choose from the quality of the product.

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