Electromagnetic buzzer test method is introduced in detail


active electromagnetic buzzer immediately connected to the rated switching power supply (a new electromagnetic buzzer is marked on the logo) can continue to pronounce; while passive electromagnetic buzzer, like electromagnetic induction speaker, must be connected to the audio output circuit to pronounce.


Distinguishing Passive Electromagnetic Buzzer, Inductive or Piezoresistive

Electromagnetic Inductive Passive Buzzer Belongs to AC Current Components. The idealized type is a positive waveform, which is generally recorded as: VO-P. The response curve of all frequencies and sound intensity of the new product is directly related to the gap value, the inherent vibration operating frequency of the molybdenum sheet (which can be roughly mapped to the thickness of the small molybdenum sheet), the operating frequency of the casing (Helmholtz common seismic singing cavity), and the cable wire diameter of the magnetic strength wire of the magnetic core. If the electromagnetic buzzer is used as a loud pressure alarm, the ordinary two-pin inductor cannot meet the requirements, and the three-pin tapped inductor is generally used, which is generally 10 times the transformation ratio. Some loud pressure above 110dB is likely to be completed by a low-power transformer.

Piezoelectric Passive Beep belongs to capacitive load components. The idealized type is a double waveform, which is generally recorded as VP-P. The principle is: paste the piezoelectric ceramic sheet on the vibrating copper sheet after high pressure extreme pressure. When the alternating current is added, the mechanical equipment will be deformed, flexed and folded due to the thermoelectric effect. This feature will make the copper sheet vibrate and make sound.

1. Nearby applicable method-fix the diameter edge of the buzzer in the resonance cavity. Generally, no feedback buzzer is adopted, and the buzzer

must match the working frequency of the resonance cavity to have higher sound pressure export, and the external resonance circuit forms a promotion data signal to make the electromagnetic buzzer sound.

2. Connection point applicable method-fix the buzzer plate in a circular structure of about the same size as the aperture of the ceramic plate. If the resonant cavity is properly designed and matched with the correct operating frequency feedback buzzer and positive feedback power supply circuit, a relatively large sound pressure and appropriate number of times will be formed.

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Electromagnetic Buzzer Test Method Detailed Introduction

1, Brief Introduction

Electromagnetic Buzzer is an integrated electronic buzzer, which uses AC voltage power supply system and is widely used as a pronunciation device in electronic equipment such as electronic computers, copiers, printers, alarms, electric toys, vehicle electronic products, phones, timers, etc. According to the principle of electromagnetic buzzer sound, we can be divided into active electromagnetic buzzer and passive electromagnetic buzzer,

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