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Our company is a professional enterprise engaged in the development, design, manufacture and sale of electro acoustic and electrical products. Products are widely used in home appliances, digital, communications and other industries. The demand for products is large and the prospects are broad. The main customers are in Europe, America, Korea, Japan, Hongkong, Taiwan and so on. As a result of the development of the company, we need to recruit the following personnel:

One,  assistant

for foreign trade business

Job responsibilities:

1, familiar with the company's products, developing foreign trade business on the Alibaba, global resources, made-in China and other B2B platforms, expanding domestic and overseas markets, developing and maintaining old and new customers ;

2. Conduct business liaison, negotiation and reply to customers' email on Alibaba, global resources and other e-business platforms;

3. Responsible for maintaining and updating trade platform, editing product description, uploading products and updating product information;

4, reply to new enquiries, handle daily mail,

5. Track customer usage and maintain customer relationship;

6, effective management of the company's assigned platform accounts and ensure safety;

7, complete the other tasks assigned by the leadership.

Job requirements:

1. Fresh or previous graduates, college degree or above, international economics and trade or business English related majors, English level four or above, proficient in listening and speaking;

2, work attitude is serious, willing to study, motivated, good communication skills and team spirit;

3, the company provides two times a year overseas exhibitors, two years of German exhibition opportunities;

Salary: basic basic salary + royalty, specific wage interview.

Two, loudspeaker Engineer

Job responsibilities:

1. Be familiar with the material performance and design of loudspeaker parts and components;

2, can independently complete the development, assembly and testing of loudspeaker samples;

3, responsible for the preparation of new products related technology, process documents and inspection standards

4. It can analyze the report of the defective parts of the horn and put forward suggestions for improvement;

5. It can independently set up the upper and lower limits of the horn frequency response curve, debug the instrument, and use the simulation software skillfully;

6. There is a certain understanding of the system tuning;

Job requirements:

1. Men and women are not limited. 3-5 years experience in electroacoustic industry. They can independently develop loudspeaker samples;

2, strong sense of responsibility, collective sense of honor, dedication to work, proactive, diligent and studious, good communication and coordination ability and organizational leadership.

3, salary: 6000-10000/ month, depending on the ability.

Three. Quality Engineer

Job responsibilities:

1, quality control from the whole process of new product introduction and finished product shipment;

2. Responsible for quality control, analysis of defective products and implementation of improvement measures in production process;

3. Responsible for product quality inspection, quality problem analysis and timely improvement suggestion in new product development process;

4. Deal with the abnormal production and abnormal product, analyze and organize the bad rate of the client and line, make clear the quality of the company and ensure the smooth production;

5. Have a certain understanding of TS16949 quality management system, familiar with quality management tools and techniques;

6, to complete the other tasks assigned by the superior.

Job requirements:

1, male / female unlimited, 23-40 years old, mechatronics / electronics related professional;

2. More than 2 years related experience in quality control, proficiency in office software and quality management tools;

3. Strong sense of responsibility, strong oral expression, good departmental coordination ability, and able to cope with pressure and challenges reasonably.

4, salary: 5500-8000/ month, depending on the ability.

Four, quality inspection

Job responsibilities:

1. Check the goods delivered by the supplier according to the acceptance inspection (Technology) standard

2. Follow up the quality problems found in the inspection process, and track and deal with the major material quality problems in production and market feedback;

3. Responsible for product quality status identification, strict control of defective products;

4. Responsible for environmental management and maintenance of inspection tools at work site;

5. Help deal with the quality of customer feedback;

6. More than 2 years relevant work experience in quality control, proficient in office software.

Job requirements:

1, female, 22-40 years old, college degree or above;

2 or 2 years of relevant post work experience;

3. Proficiency in using related test equipment; proficiency in computer operation;

4. Conscientious and responsible work, rigorous and meticulous, principled and disciplined; good problem analysis ability; good communication and coordination ability; good teamwork spirit;

Salary: 3000-5000/ month

Five. Engineering Assistant

Job responsibilities:

1, test the electronic components of the sample at all stages;

2. Trial production and situation tracking of new products;

3. Quality control in the production process of mature products;

4, can be skilled in using Auto CAD and other mapping software.

Job requirements:

1. Graduating or previous graduates, college degree or above, mechatronics, mechanical design and manufacturing or electronic information and other related majors;

2, skilled use of Auto CAD mapping software, can draw two-dimensional map.

3, salary: 3000-5000/ month, depending on the ability.

Six. Draftsman

Job responsibilities: