SMD electromagnetic passive buzzer

Part shall be measured under a condition (Temperature: 5~35℃, Humidity: 45%~85%R.H., Atmospheric pressure: 860 ~1060hPa) unless the standard condition (Temperature: 25±3℃, Humidity: 60±10%R.H. Atmospheric pressure: 860 ~1060hPa) is regulated to measure.

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Buzzer BM5020STZ


Buzzer BM5020S

1. Test conditions Product test conditions: temperature: 5~35 ℃, humidity: 45% ~ 85% R.H., air pressure: 860 ~ 1060hPa. Standard test conditions: temperature: 25±3 ° C., humidity: 60±10%R.H. Air pressure: 860-1060hPa.


Buzzer BM5030STZ


Buzzer BM8540S-0327-16


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Passive electromagnetic buzzer

Source electromagnetic buzzer and passive electromagnetic buzzer. The internal structure of the active electromagnetic buzzer is equipped with an oscillation source. As shown in the following figure, if you take a low frequency of BUZZ pin, the electromagnetic buzzer will sound directly. The internal structure of the passive electromagnetic buzzer is no oscillation source


Electromagnetic buzzer waterproof membrane material is a certain degree of tension

The waterproof membrane material of the electromagnetic buzzer has a certain tension (tensile property), and can effectively control the inner wall of the electromagnetic buzzer under certain external pressure.


Electromagnetic buzzer test method is introduced in detail

Electromagnetic buzzer test method detailed introduction Figure 1 server test rack 1, brief description Electromagnetic buzzer is an integrated structure of electronic buzzer, the use of AC voltage power supply system, widely used in electronic computers, copiers, printers, alarms, electric toys, vehicle electronic products


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