what are the classification of pin buzzer buzzer introduction?


electromagnetic type buzzer mainly uses the characteristics of the energized conductor to generate a magnetic field, and uses a fixed permanent magnet and an energized conductor to generate a magnetic force to push the eardrum fixed on the coil. Due to the different sound principles of the two buzzers, the piezoelectric structure is simple and durable, but the tone is single, which is suitable for alarms and other equipment. Electromagnetic due to good sound quality, so more for voice, music and other equipment. Following pin buzzer Xiaobian, let's have a simple look!
1. According to the principle of its driving method, it can be divided into: active buzzer (including driving circuit, also known as self-excited buzzer) and passive buzzer (external drive, also known as external excitation buzzer).
2. According to the different construction methods, it can be divided into electromagnetic buzzer and piezoelectric buzzer.
3. According to different packaging, it can be divided into: DIP BUZZER (pin buzzer) and SMD BUZZER(SMD buzzer).
4. According to the difference of current, it can be divided into: DC buzzer and AC buzzer. Among them, DC is more common piezoelectric buzzer, which uses piezoelectric material, that is, when the piezoelectric material is deformed by external force, the piezoelectric material will generate charge. Likewise, the piezoelectric material deforms when energized.
To sum up, this pin buzzer editor tells about the classification of buzzers. I hope you can learn more about it through the introduction of the above editor. If you want to know more suggestions, you can pay attention to this website, and there will be relevant articles to update it later.

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