SMD buzzer introduces the structure of electromagnetic buzzer knowledge?


Electromagnetic buzzer is a kind of buzzer often used. The main structural components include iron core, coil, magnetic ring, PCB components, shell, diaphragm, etc. Let's follow the SMD buzzer editor to see what its structure is!
1. Iron core: mainly divided into two processing technologies: stamping and die casting. The material is an iron-nickel coating. The reason for choosing iron is that the magnetic permeability is better, and nickel plating is added to achieve the purpose of rust prevention. The core buzzer is mainly used as a support for PCB, magnetic permeability and gap control actions, so the height and dimensional accuracy of the core are high, and the overall tolerance is controlled within ± 0.01mm.
2. Coil: Use self-adhesive enameled copper wire, the number of turns of the working coil is controlled by the microcomputer winding machine system, and the self-adhesive fixed value is reached through the alcohol concentration.
3. Magnetic ring: ferrite beads, constant magnetic field. In the buzzer, the main vibration superimposes an electromagnetic field on the diaphragm.
4. Diaphragm: made of iron-nickel alloy material, consisting of two connectors of different sizes, constructed by controlled strong current spot welding, mainly used as a vibration source in the buzzer. The operating frequency can usually be adjusted by a smaller diaphragm. The thicker the smaller diaphragm, the lower the frequency, and the thinner the frequency, the higher the frequency.
5.PCB assembly: epoxy copper single panel, in which the main function of the passive buzzer is connected and fixed to the fixed and enameled wire lead or pin, then the excessive active buzzer oscillation part.
6. Shell: Generally, it is injection molded by abs, ppo, lcp, pbt and other materials, and different temperature-resistant materials can be selected according to the customer's welding method. The main function of the buzzer is to protect and amplify all components.
The above is the SMD buzzer editor's introduction to the construction knowledge of electromagnetic buzzer , hoping to help you.

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