The driving principle of electromagnetic buzzer?


Today we are talking about theelectromagnetic buzzer , which is one type of buzzer, other types of active buzzer, passive buzzer and so on, then the electromagnetic buzzer is how to improve the work!
electromagnetic buzzer that is the principle of current flow through the solenoid, the field diaphragm solenoid drive sound. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the current power. The current of the microcontroller output voltage is small, and the TTL level output from the drive system of the monolithic buzzer requires a large circuit. The S51 enhanced MCU is implemented by a buzzer driver board and an amplifier transistor C8550. Connected to the positive electrode VCC( 5V) power supply, the buzzer buzzer is connected to the cathode of the audio data signal of the transmitting device. The current limiting resistor R1 after the audio level is controlled by a P7.7 pin microcontroller. Due to the relatively low output of P3.7, the audio signal is switched on when the buzzer sound consists of a current circuit. Therefore, we can control the speed of P3.7 foot height, sound and turn off the buzzer.
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