Buzzer manufacturer: two applicable methods of piezoelectric buzzer


Buzzer Manufacturer Piezo buzzer is different from unique buzzer. Piezo buzzer has advantages that cannot be compared in terms of characteristics, integration category and price.


Fuhongda recommends two application methods for piezoelectric buzzers:

. Piezoelectric buzzers are more commonly used in the application areas related to

alarm buzzers. Buzzers can be used in many such commodities, such as gas detectors, anti-theft alarm systems, the above alarm car speed, navigation bars, car audio equipment and cars can also be used in a variety of electrical products, such as central air conditioning, microwave oven heating, microcomputer control, small toys, teaching tools, etc.


2, can send out a large number of sounds

piezoelectric buzzer because the piezoelectric buzzer is operated by electronic circuits, it can send out various simulated sounds and very loud sounds, intermittent sounds. Pure tone, noise can not be casually caged.


3, can save electricity consumption

piezoelectric buzzer is the working voltage driver, so they spend less current, generally less than 20mAh, less than 100mAh.

In addition to the three advantages, the piezoelectric buzzer is not easy to cause electric arc or RF noise, the other route has no influence, and its controllable frequency noise, can be the actual effect of the level of the ruler. In some special cases, the LEDs can be multiplexed and the port number manipulated.

1, connection point application method

The buzzer of the piezoelectric buzzer is fixed on the annular structure with the same diameter as the ceramic fiber board. If the cavity of the local design scheme is obtained and the frequency matched with the feedback and buzzer of the positive triode amplifier can be calibrated, the appropriate frequency and higher sound intensity can be formed.

2, nearby applicable method

its outfield support point method is to fix the diameter edge of the piezoelectric buzzer on the resonator. The resonator is generally a buzzer without recoil. Its buzzer must be consistent with the frequency of the resonator in order to get a higher sound intensity output. The driver data signal must be caused by the external resonant circuit to make the buzzer sound.

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