Buzzer manufacturers: piezoelectric buzzer maintenance methods?


Buzzer manufacturers piezoelectric buzzer, the key is composed of piezoelectric sheet, PCB components, chassis.


What are the recommended maintenance methods for piezoelectric buzzers?

PCB components: epoxy resin copper clad single-sided aluminum substrate, in the passive buzzer, the key is to connect the fixed wire and the fixed wire or pin plug out, the active buzzer vacates the oscillating enterprise; Alarm buzzer


chassis: is generally made of ABS, PPO, LCP, PBT raw materials injection molding process, according to the customer's welding method to select different high temperature resistant raw materials. In the buzzer, the key has the safety protection and sound efficiency of all components. Piezoelectric buzzer

Common problems when using piezoresistive buzzer:

1, it is not good to use buzzer in natural environment with temperature other than the operating temperature of the sign;

2. Carry out welding buzzer according to the welding method of the sign. General welding methods include manual welding, wave soldering machine and reflow soldering furnace. Wave soldering machine and reflow soldering furnace are contemporary automatic welding technologies. The key to wave soldering machine is software-based commodity welding, and reflow soldering furnace is key to SMD commodity welding. Due to the high temperature working temperature of these two welding methods, buzzer components must be made of high temperature resistant raw materials. Products naturally suitable for wave soldering machines and reflow soldering furnaces can also be welded by hand-made welding.


3, prevent dirt from entering the sound hole wall of buzzer phonetic symbols;

4, non-moisture-proof buzzer, buzzer should be prevented from being installed in areas where water is likely to be touched;

5, it is not good to use outside the working standard voltage of the sign.

Piezoresistive Buzzer and Inductive Buzzer have done some simple analysis. In fact, some basic knowledge about them has already been mastered, so it is necessary for us to produce damage in the whole process of application. If there is no suitable replacement at this time and it is very urgent, can we carry out maintenance according to ourselves?

So the key point here is for the piezoelectric buzzer, if we have problems in the whole process of application, we can carry out maintenance.

piezoelectric buzzer is mainly composed of piezoelectric ceramic piece, step-down circuit, resonant circuit, auxiliary cavity and transformer ground wire. It uses the alternating working voltage caused by the resonance circuit of electronic devices to be added to the piezoelectric ceramic sheet, so that the piezoelectric ceramic sheet causes vibration, and then transmits a loud buzzer according to the co-vibration of the auxiliary sound cavity.

Therefore, all parts of the power supply circuit have common faults, which will definitely cause the buzzer to be silent, etc. Some of the more common reasons are:

blood pressure lowering resistor penetrates and destroys; The triode or integrated circuit chip is destroyed; The piezoelectric ceramic wire is short-circuited.

Then we must use a digital multimeter to check all routes before we actually start maintenance to see if the wires are already broken. If they are not broken, we must start testing again. On the contrary, we must connect them again.

is then just beginning to check the power supply circuit inside. For example, if no part of the load is found to be damaged, everyone must disassemble and replace electronic devices of the same specifications, models and specifications at this time. Then the piezoelectric buzzer generally seals the electronic device in a plastic shell, so before maintenance, everyone must break the shell with a fruit knife, and naturally use strong glue to carry out re-sealing after repair, so the main purpose is to better avoid the return of electronic components.

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