Patch buzzer: the cause of the buzzer noise


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Fuhongda recommends that the buzzer has noise: the quality of

1. active buzzer is not very good.


is mainly due to various conditions in the buzzer. One is that there are dirty things in the buzzer or the pulse damper is disordered. The key to dirty things is that the buzzer is assembled or the production and processed, there are iron powder and iron pins inside the buzzer, which causes noise. The disorder of the pulse damper means that the pulse damper of the buzzer is installed instead of sticking to the support frame, so it is very likely that the pulse damper will run out of the point due to strong external force and cause noise.


2. incorrect application mode

In the case of application, if the application frequency is wrong, there is no noise caused by setting the frequency at the rated frequency, or the working voltage of the buzzer is too high, which causes the pulse damper to knock to other parts and then causes the part knocking sound.

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